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Scalpel Blade #10 Scalpel Handle Economy #3 Scalpel Handle Economy #4
Scalpel Blade #10
Our Price: $0.29
1310 J 55A J 55A
Bandage Scissor Economy 3.5 in Bandage Scissor Economy 5.5 in Mosquito Hemostat Straight Economy 5 in
J 74B J 74B J 70S
Kelly Hemostat Economy Straight Kelly Hemostat Economy Curved Mosquito Hemostat Curved Economy 5 in
J 71S J 71S J 70C
Mayo Scissors Economy 5.5" Curved Mayo Scissors Curved Economy 7 in Mayo Hegar Needleholders Economy 6 in
* * J 78A
Bandage Scissor Economy 7.5 in Penlight: LED Olsen Hegar Needleholder Economy 6 in
Penlight: LED
Our Price: $8.00
J 74B The perfect reusable penlight for your opthalmology exams! These aluminum LED penlights are available in Blue, Red, Gold & Silver! Has a metal pocket clip and a pupil gauge along the slide. Includes 2 AAA batteries. [Please specify color you want in the "comment box" above.] J 79WTA
German Diagnostic Penlight Mayo Scissors Curved German 5 .75 in Kelly Hemostat German Curved
German quality diagnostic penlight * J 71S
Kelly Hemostat German Straight Mayo Scissors Curved German 7 in Bandage Scissor German 5.5 in
J 71S * J 74B
Bandage Scissor German 7.5 in Dissection Kit with Zip Case Indirect Ophthalmic Lens
Indirect Ophthalmic Lens
Our Price: $55.00
J 74B Dissection Kit with Zip Case includes dissection probe, Mayo scissors, metzenbaum scissors, Kelly hemostats, #3 scalpel handle, rat tooth thumb forceps, Brown-Adson tissue forceps and Mayo-Hegar needleholders Aspheric 20 diopter hand held lens. This 20 diopter all glass indirect convex lens combined with a source of direct illumination (i.e. bright penlight) allows for "indirect" opthalmoscopy of the fundus. The veterinarian holds the lens in front of the animal's eye at arm's length and then directs light at lens. *Provides a lager field of view of the fundus than is possible with a standard opthalmoscope. *Exam at safe distance with fractious animals. *Comes with blue velour storage bag. (Lens = 2.5" deep x 0.5" thick).
Mayo Hegar Needleholders German 7 in Olsen Hegar Needleholder German 6.5 in Mayo Hegar Needleholders German 6 in
J 78A J 79WTA J 78A
Olsen Hegar Needleholder German 7.5 in Olsen Hegar Needleholder German 5.5 in