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Welcome CSU Veterinary Class of 2023!

VetText Bookstore:

VetText is an entirely student-run bookstore located on the second floor of the CSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital in room A219. Our store is a non-profit, giving money back to students each year through peer-elected scholarships and donations to student clubs.

Our staff is entirely composed of veterinary students, so we know firsthand that you are being bombarded with loads of information right now. Our goal is to make ordering your books and supplies as easy as possible. We have outlined the process and tried to answer common questions below:

STEP 1: Visit our website at www.vettext.org.

STEP 2: From the left side of the homepage, click on the “CSU Class of 2023” link. This will take you to a list containing the books and supplies that are required and recommended for your classes.

STEP 3: Sign up with SCAVMA to receive a discount! When you join the Student Chapter of the American Veterinary Medical Association (SAVMA), you will receive 10% off any purchase made at VetText. You must register for SAVMA online; you will receive information on how to do this from the Dean’s Office. To apply the discount, enter the code SCAVMA22CSU in the coupon code field at checkout. SAVMA registration may not be open this year before you want to purchase your books – if that’s the case, go ahead and enter the coupon code and register with SAVMA later. In order for us to honor the discount, bring your receipt from SAVMA registration at book pickup.

*SAVMA membership is encouraged for all students planning to join student clubs.

STEP 4: After adding your purchases to the shipping cart, choose “in-store pickup” for your delivery option (use your Fort Collins address, or if you don’t have one yet, please use 300 W. Drake Rd., Fort Collins, CO, 80523) and finish checking out! Orders must be placed by Sunday, July 14th, 2019 to guarantee that you will have your books & supplies for the first day of class.

Please, in the comment section in the checkout process, put "first year" and that way we can ensure your order is being handled efficiently.

Your order will be ready for pickup during our first year pick-up event on Thursday, August 22nd from 9am-12pm. Look for balloons and signs to lead you to VetText!

Some fast facts for your consideration before submitting your order:

What books should I buy?

We encourage you to research and consider your textbook needs full so you are sure you want and will use the textbooks you purchase. The cubes are stocked with copies of all the textbooks recommended/required for your first year classes. Use these to decide if a specific text will be very helpful to you on a regular basis. Additionally, you can access copies of the textbooks at the Veterinary Hospital’s library, and some are also available through CSU’s main campus library. Even more convenient, some textbooks are available with free online access from the library once you are on campus. We really encourage you to talk to your mentors, think about your academic strengths and weaknesses, your career interests, and consider the input from other veterinary students and faculty before buying textbooks. Finally, many classes supply note packets. The anatomy class specifically includes a very detailed note packet that is almost a textbook in itself that is well worth purchasing if you prefer paper notes. If you prefer electronic resources, all note packets provided from faculty are available for download once you arrive on campus. Your goal should be to create a reference library that will be helpful to you throughout your academic and professional careers.

What is your return policy?

Every item you purchase at VetText is 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Within 14 days of delivery or pick-up, you may return or exchange most items in new condition with original packaging and accessories. One exception is textbooks – all book sales are final – another reason to carefully consider your textbook purchases!

For return or exchange via the mail, please insure the package for your protection and return it to our store address. Please include a copy of your receipt, invoice or packing list. Specify whether you would like an exchange, repair or refund on your bankcard. Used, damaged or dirty merchandise will not be eligible for return.

Do I need coveralls, overboots and clinic smocks right away?

Yes. The Dean’s Office has asked us to provide clinic smocks at the beginning of the semester so first year students could begin immediate use. Clinic smocks are a required component of the Veterinary Teaching Hospital dress code for veterinary students. As your time in the hospital will be limited during your first year, one clinic smock is sufficient. The overboots and coveralls will be required for some labs as well as various wetlabs offered through different student clubs.

Does the radiology CD work on Macs?

Only if you have a parallels program or something similar; however, many Mac users still purchase this CD to use on school computers, as it’s really the only way to study high quality images for the radiology courses. You will use this CD both first and second year.

This year, the VCA will be made available to you online, through Canvas.

Per Dr. Whalen’s office, you do not need to purchase the VCA on USB at this time, since it will be made available to you through Canvas.

Can I have my things shipped to me now instead of picking them up at orientation?

Unfortunately, no – we cannot guarantee your items will arrive to you in time before you make your move to Fort Collins. To keep costs low for students, we ask that students place their orders by July 15th so that we may order all supplies in bulk and allow sufficient time for them to arrive to us. This helps to tremendously drive down the cost of tax and shipping. We then set aside store hours for you to come pick up your items before the start of classes. Plus, its one less thing for you to pack and move with you!

Congratulations on joining the CSU veterinary medical education community! VetText looks forward to serving you throughout this exciting journey. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your questions or concerns by emailing us at staff@vettext.org. We look forward to meeting you all soon!


Megan Hodge, DVM Candidate 2021

VetText Manager